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Updates to elevated dog bowls...

This is a current picture of the elevated dog bowl table I whipped up for my dog awhile ago.

Since I was whipping it up I failed to put any poly on it, so since then it has warped a bit. So I decided to fix that but I also have another dog, so I figured I would make it fit three bowls instead of two. They share a water dish. I also always wanted to add wood connecting the legs to stabilize them a bit more. Funny story. I used button plugs for the screw holes on top. And one day I notice one had fallen off so I just replaced it. Then later I noticed that two had disappeared. I looked all around and didn't find them. Thought that was strange but I had a box of these things so I replaced them. Then it happened again! I looked all around and nothing. I was thinking maybe they got vacuumed up. Then one day I caught Leo using his teeth to pry off one of the buttons! I couldn't believe, he was eating them!! I don't know if he thought they were food and maybe they taste good, I don't know! Crazy dog. So I had to switch to the wood plugs that are flush with the top. :)

Look, he even looks guilty right now!

So here's a pic of the one I just put together to replace the old one. This is a really easy project and I was able to use a round dowel to put between the legs for support and that looks nice. I'll update when it's done, hopefully tomorrow! ~Michele


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