• Michele

Nuts! (and bolts)

Well, here they are! I'm done with the two benches I was building. I love them both.

Few things on the new design. One, I should have put the slats closer together on the back rest. I think I mentioned that before. Also, I briefly thought about how I was going to attach the back seat to the base when I started this design. Briefly. My first thought was, I'll use bolts and just go all the way through the 2x3 legs and the 1x2 back. Problem was, I built the back rest completely before lining things up. Turns out I didn't really have too much room. I was able to get two dowels and two bolts in on both sides. It's actually very strong but I'm not sure I like the look of the bolts and nuts. I am actually still working on this part but I think I have it figured out. I'll definitely be making this one again so I can make it even better!

~ michele


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