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Candle holder update...

In my first post about the candle holder, which is actually called a candelabra but I'm not sure how I feel about that word so I just say candle holder. :) Anyway, I said this in my last post....." Now I need to find some kind of nail or tack to put on each shelf for the candles to sit on to keep them in place. " Yeah, that didn't happen. There was just no way to make that work. So I started to get a bit nervous. I decided to jump on amazon to see if I could find a little thimble type votive candle holder that might fit into each hole that I made for the candle. I did this search before and didn't find anything but this time I found something! The measurements looked like they would be a bit too big but I figured I could make the hole a little bigger and then they'd fit nice and tight! They are gold, metal and they might look really nice. So I ordered them, got them today, the package was so light and small, I didn't think they were going to work. So I took one out, place it on the little shelf and BAM! PERFECT.

I couldn't believe it, UN-believable! God must really want me to finish this thing! Look how nice they look! I am so relieved. I got the wood for the cross and did the first coat of poly! Hopefully I'll be able to place the holders in tomorrow or Thursday. I will definitely post with the finish product! woo hoo!! :) (side note: the red candle won't be used, that's just the one I had around the house)

~ Michele


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