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Candle Holder

This is a candle holder for a service at our church. Most of them are free standing but this will sit on the Altar. I decided to use oak because most of the furniture there is made from oak. I couldn't find the exact size I wanted so I got 1x3's and glued them together. There will be 7 candles on each side of the triangle and one on top. So far I love working with oak! It doesn't tear up the wood like it does with the less expensive wood I usually work with. I used a paddle bit to create a shelf for the candles. Now I need to find some kind of nail or tack to put on each shelf for the candles to sit on to keep them in place. I will also be adding small legs under the triangle, just to raise it up a bit. And last but not least, I am heading into the woods to find a few nice branches to make a cross that will sit inside the triangle. I'll fasten them together with twine, that should look really nice! Then all I have to do is fill in my "miter joint gaposis" and polyurethane to protect it. Not sure if I'll use a stain because I just want to keep the oak as is. I'll get another picture up once I have a few more things done. ~m


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